Life as an Amputee and Mom!!! (made a few factual changes)

Michelle's Blog May 24, 2011 1 Comment
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Sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to writing!! Busy week working on Mending Limbs and Interviewing for jobs!!!!

To get back on track to where I left off…. From 18 months till now I’ve worn AK (Above-the-Knee) Prosthesis. Each prosthesis was made by my leg man. He actually made my last one in January 2010 (he has now retired and sold his business- I’ll get to that =(  ). I continued life just like every other child. I was on the Lake Forest Sharks Swim team. My parents enrolled me at age 5. I swam on the Sharks for years. I swam side by side with 2000 Olympic Champion Kaitlin Sandeno. I was best at backstroke!  To this day I still hold the record for the fastest time!! Crazy!!!

At 18 months my right foot was amputated and my knee was fused. In fourth grade, I had my last surgery. The doctors removed a few inches of bone from the bottom of my stump and shaved the right side of my bone so I would not have a bulge in my leg. This surgery was needed so that when standing and sitting me knees would align correctly. I do remember vaguely that this was a pretty painful surgery, but I made it through like a champ! I went back to school on crutches for several weeks while I healed until I was able to walk with my prosthesis. I truly had the best friends and family. Most people would think going through all this might be traumatic….But, honestly I just remember all my friends and family surrounding me with support!!! Will continue about this journey later….

This past weekend, we went to Steeplechase!! It was so fun! Our neighbors have two spots right where the horses are cooled off after the race!!! Muddy, Rainy and a bit cold! But it was so fun!! Jared and I have met some great friends!!!Oh and by the way, my Bestie Kim from California made and shipped the BEST CAKE BALLS ever!!! If you have no idea what they are check out her website ( She ships every where and once you have one you will be addicted!!!  Also, yesterday we went to High Meadows Alpacas in Leiper’s Fork…. oh my!! They seriously are the cutest things ever!!!! We went with my parents and grandparents. Avery met “Winston” who absolutely LOVED her!!! I think most of all he would have loved to have taken off her fluffy bow!!! But they only have 2 bottom teeth, so I wasn’t too worried!!! While we were there a baby was born… so sweet. They are 20 pounds when they are born! Wheww! Definitely check out the event they hold in September!! Super fun outing, especially with the family…. Visit there website! Talk soon =) Hope you have a great week!!!!!


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