Mending Limbs & Bulow Biotech Prosthetics GIVE Amputee Frank Wall “a new lease on LIFE”!!

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Frank Wall almost died when he was helping someone on the side of the interstate. The accident cost him his left leg, and it’s been painful for him to walk ever since. But Wednesday, Frank got an early Christmas gift that will help him the rest of his life.

Frank Wall needs to be able to move. He’s the owner of a roofing company, but can no longer reach the heights he used to.

Everything changed May 31, 2008. On the side of I-24, Frank pulled over to help a stranded driver. A drugged-out driver slammed into him. Frank says, ” Kind of got a glimpse and my leg was going at a ninety degree, so I knew I was in trouble.”

He was more than in trouble. He had an eight percent chance of surviving. After a 64 day coma, Frank woke up to find out his left leg was gone, but what never left him was his always thinking about others, even the man who hit him. He says, ” The tragedy in this whole thing is that man killed himself, he’s got a daughter and parents, and they lost him.”

Frank’s selfless attitude caught the attention of a group called Mending Limbs. Founder Michelle Prichard tells us, “That’s the goal for our organization, is to help amputees and to help them live their lives independently.”

Mending Limbs connected Frank with Bulow Biotech Prosthetics. They have built him a $40,000 state of the art computerized leg. Founder Matt Bulow says, “This can allow him to more safely walk on uneven ground, and really do his work.”

Frank was given his brand new leg and is walking away a brand new man.

In the past Frank could not get a better leg because of insurance problems. Which actually is a fight a lot of amputees face. That’s part of the reason Mending Limbs exists. Because of the generosity of that group and Bulow Biotech, Frank is walking away with that new prosthetic without having to pay a dime.

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